20th February 2008

I just figured out, that there has been no update since almost 2 years..
About two years ago I went to London, to work for Passion Pictures and MPC.

There is one little update under scripts - a C++ plugin for Maya, that saves and loads skinWeights.


2nd July 2006

I kept writing autoRigs. And so, I uploaded two new autoRigs. BittnerRig3, and proloRig, and also uploaded a new version of bittnerRiggingTools.
You can see everything under scripts.


5th December 2005

The second version of bittnerRig (an auto-rig) is online. It`s done completely from the beginning and it`s a LOT better than BittnerRig v1.0 ;-)


19th November 2005

I was teaching Softimage XSI-Scripting for 3 days at the


10th October 2005

My first auto-rig is online (BittnerRig v1.0).


15th August 2005

I went to Scotland to work for an animation movie ("Billi The Vet").


23rd March 2005

After working as a freelancer for Radonlabs in Berlin, I updated my showreel, again.


14th February 2005

I'm in Berlin working for quadrigaFX (until the end of April 2005).



23th Oktober 2004

The music clip to "Console - My Dog Eats Beats" won the Umwelt film prize in Freiburg and the Publikum's prize at the Bochumer Videofestival.


12th July 2004

I went to Italy to work for PLAYSTOS ENTERTAINMENT.


7th May 2004

Hamster was screened at the Animago 2004 Show and it took 4th Place in "Education / Compositing".


9th September 2003

There´s a new movie for dowload: AUTO (a car-commercial-spot)